Relentless Commitment to Quality

Our customers have the assurance that we will deliver the utmost quality on every project. We've established a comprehensive Quality Management System that encompasses all our operations.

WCS ISO 9001 Certification
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Our ISO 9001:2015 certification covers fabrication, assembly, new construction, and maintenance of facilities, pipeline systems, and various products tailored to meet our customers' specific requirements.


Evers and Sons Inc, is dedicated to maintaining a Quality Management system that satisfies the requirements of our customers and ISO 9001:2015.

We are also committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System for the benefit of ourselves and our customers, using established quality objectives that support the strategic direction of our organization.

We are devoted to providing our customers with world class quality solutions for midstream construction in the Energy Sector.

At Evers and Sons Inc.,
We Build Energy.


We understand the importance of effectively communicating our policies and objectives to all employees. This begins with our new-hire onboarding process and extends through company-led training sessions.

Our goal is to ensure that every employee comprehends the significance of delivering products and services of the highest quality, prioritizing both safety and meeting or surpassing customer expectations.

ISO 9001 Certification:

Achieving Unmatched Quality

WCS ISO 9001 Certification

At Evers and Sons, Inc., our ISO 9001 certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that establishes the criteria for quality management systems. It validates our ability to consistently meet customer requirements and showcases our dedication to providing exceptional products and services.

ISO 9001 certification is globally recognized as a mark of quality excellence. It instills confidence in our customers, assuring them that our organization operates under a well-defined quality management system. This certification drives us to continually improve our processes, ensuring reliable and consistent outcomes for our customers. It also fosters a culture of quality within our organization, setting objectives and engaging employees in the pursuit of excellence.

By aligning our operations with ISO 9001 principles, we demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and process optimization. Our certification reflects our relentless pursuit of quality, our drive to deliver innovative solutions, and our position as a leader in the oil and gas construction industry. With ISO 9001, we ensure that every project we undertake is executed with precision, adherence to industry standards, and a focus on delivering world-class results.

Weld Mapping

At Evers and Sons Inc., we take great pride in offering a fully traceable product with regards to materials used and weld mapping.

Through our advanced digital weld mapping system, customers have the opportunity to review embedded Material Test Reports (MTRs), Weld Numbering, and Nondestructive Examination (NDE) reports included in each construction drawing.

This streamlined process facilitates a clean and efficient turnover package, reducing the time required for documentation verification and enabling faster walk-downs prior to commissioning.

Daily Quality Audits

Our commitment to quality is reinforced through daily quality audits conducted by our dedicated representatives at Evers and Sons Inc.

These audits cover all aspects of procurement and construction, starting from items supplied by vendors and/or clients and encompassing all phases of construction, including civil, structural, and mechanical elements. Utilizing a digital quality auditing program, our site teams document their findings and capture photos during these audits.

The daily audit reports are then disseminated to all site superintendents, quality representatives, and upper management at Evers and Sons Inc. This comprehensive reporting allows us to pinpoint areas requiring further training within our construction teams, across all craft disciplines.

Non-conformance Reports

Our diligent quality representatives are responsible for verifying that each project adheres to customer requirements, applicable codes, and industry standards.
Should any aspect fail to meet these criteria during their inspection process, a Non-conformance Report (NCR) is promptly generated. These reports are immediately submitted to the project team, and an action plan is initiated to rectify the identified issues without delay. Non-conformance Reports are viewed as valuable learning tools, enabling our organization to continuously advance our culture of quality and drive ongoing improvement.

Vendor & Subcontractor Qualification

Stringent standards and a thorough evaluation and selection process for vendor and subcontractor qualification ensures that all project outcomes align with our quality objectives. We assess prospective suppliers on their capacity to provide products, services, and processes in strict compliance with our requirements.

The evaluation process involves setting forth defined criteria that encapsulates a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, track record, quality assurance systems, and adherence to industry standards and regulations. This diligence allows us to ensure that our vendors and subcontractors are in alignment with our quality expectations and operational needs.

Moreover, the performance of our vendors and subcontractors is continuously monitored and periodically reassessed. Our goal is to ensure that their performance is consistently in line with Evers & Sons Inc.'s rigorous quality standards. In situations where the performance or product quality does not meet our expectations, necessary corrective actions are identified and implemented promptly. Evers & Sons Inc. maintains meticulous records documenting these qualification activities, supplier evaluations, performance monitoring, re-evaluations, and any actions arising from these evaluations.

This systematic documentation provides a foundation for our continuous improvement efforts, supports our decision-making processes, and ensures transparency and accountability in our vendor and subcontractor relationships.

The Vendor & Subcontractor Qualification process is an integral part of our Quality Management System, reinforcing our commitment to the delivery of world-class products and services. This emphasis on supplier quality mirrors our own dedication to quality, further strengthening our capacity to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.