Evers & Sons Awarded Pivotal Field Work for Gillis Treating Plant as Part of the Groundbreaking NG3 Project

Caldwell, TX, September 7, 2023 – In a significant stride towards reinforcing America's commitment to energy sustainability, Evers & Sons, Inc. is thrilled to announce its selection for all field work associated with the Gillis Treating Plant, a cornerstone of the ambitious New Generation Gas Gathering (NG3) project.

The NG3 project is set to lay approximately 275 miles of new natural gas gathering pipelines, boasting a capacity of 2.2 Bcf/day. This pipeline will bridge the gap to the premium Gulf Coast and LNG Markets. What makes the venture all the more groundbreaking is the integration of a Carbon Capture and Sequestration solution, which ensures a net negative CO2 emission profile. The solution is being spearheaded by the renowned Momentum Midstream.

The Green Field project encompasses a comprehensive array of services such as CO2 Amine Treating, Gas Dehydration, CO2 Compression, and associated utility/power systems.

Evers & Sons will be handling key field activities associated with the Gillis Treating Plant including setting major equipment, installing over 60,000 linear feet of prefabricated pipe spools ranging from 2” to 36” including ±80,000 field welding inches, insulating ±20,000 linear feet of piping and equipment, and erecting ±570 tons structural steel. They'll also manage ±1,500 cubic yards of concrete layout and installation, oversee electrical & instrumentation, and erect ±5,650 linear ft perimeter fencing.

With a track record that stretches across 30 states and a reputation built over 40 years, Evers & Sons stands well-prepared for this mission-critical task. "Throughout our history in the oil and gas construction industry, we've consistently demonstrated our expertise and commitment. We're honored to take on this pivotal role in the NG3 project, underscoring our dedication to quality, safety, and on-time delivery." shared Buster Evers, COO, Evers & Sons, Inc.

About Evers & Sons:

A third-generation family-operated firm, Evers & Sons, Inc. is at the forefront of oil and gas construction. With comprehensive expertise in pipelines, gas and liquid plants, and fabrication, we offer services ranging from installation to integrity maintenance and even demolition. Rooted in Texas, our unwavering commitment to safety and quality has secured master service agreements with the nation's leading energy giants.

About Momentum Midstream:

A beacon in the midstream energy landscape, Momentum Midstream provides oil and gas producers with unparalleled midstream services. Since 2004, they've channeled over $3 billion into the creation of pipelines, processing facilities, storage units, and more, always emphasizing greenfield project development.

The collaboration between Evers & Sons and Momentum Midstream marks a synergistic union, promising to usher in an era of sustainable, efficient, and safe energy solutions for America.

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