Evers & Sons Inc. offers a comprehensive range of integrity maintenance services aimed at addressing various challenges, including anomalies, shorted casings, and coating failures. Our solutions include steel repair sleeves, composite wraps, pigging, hydro-testing, re-coats, section replacements, encroachments, and removals.

With a broad portfolio of services, we cater to diverse needs, such as composite wrapping, steel repair sleeves, leak repair clamps, pipeline section replacements, block valve replacements and removals, and more.

From fabricating and installing pig launchers to re-routing pipelines and reclaiming existing right-of-ways, our team is equipped to provide efficient maintenance and repairs that ensure the integrity of your infrastructure. Count on Evers & Sons Inc. for reliable and effective integrity maintenance solutions for your facilities and pipelines.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Routine pressure testing

  • Integrity inspections

  • Classification upgrades

Routine Maintenance

  • Pipeline pigging/cleaning

  • Pipeline system repairs

  • Environmental remediation

  • Bolting/Torquing

  • Fabrication
Evers & Sons Pipeline Service
Evers & Sons Pipeline
Evers & Sons Sleeve Installation at Railroad Dig Site