Our fabrication shop specializes in vessel construction and repair, providing comprehensive capabilities to fulfill your specific requirements. With our extensive expertise and advanced facilities, we excel in crafting and maintaining a wide range of vessels for diverse industries. From pressure vessels to filter separation, our skilled team has a proven track record of delivering top-quality fabrication and repair services.

Adhering to industry best practices and stringent quality standards, we ensure that every vessel we construct or repair meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. Whether you need new vessel construction or the refurbishment of existing ones, our dedicated team is equipped to deliver efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your precise specifications.

We deliver exceptional results, providing safe and reliable vessels that optimize performance for your operational needs.


Evers & Sons Inc. performs a variety of vessel fabrication from blow cases, compression bottles, seal pots, and knock-outs to separators. We believe that the quality of our products and the safety of our customers comes first, therefore all vessels constructed are NBBI certified.


We are fully certified to perform repairs on vessels of any material or grade either at our shop or on location. Our complete vessel repair services include everything from preliminary inspections, vessel evacuation, disconnection of piping, internal and external cleaning, confined space entry, assessing damages, formulating repair plans with client assistance, performing internal welding, nozzle resizing/relocation/additions, replacing integral components, heat treatment, pressure testing, blasting and coating to piping reinstatement and external insulation replacement.
Evers & Sons Green-Field Compressor Station