Structural Steel

We recognize the paramount importance of structural integrity as the foundation upon which every project is built. With a strong commitment to quality, our structural steel fabrication team adheres to the guidelines set forth by AWS D1.1, ensuring the highest standards of construction.

Over the years, we have successfully delivered a wide range of products for diverse industries, both on land and at sea. Our expertise extends across various sectors, including industrial, commercial, and marine applications. From towering structures to intricate frameworks, our skilled team meticulously crafts and fabricates steel components that meet stringent quality standards.

We deliver exceptional structural steel solutions that provide stability, durability, and reliability for your projects, regardless of the industry or environment.

Racks & Elevated Structures

  • Valve Access Platforms

  • Elevated Walkways

  • Ladders

  • Loading Racks

  • Pipe Racks

  • Panel Racks


  • T-supports

  • Adjustable Pipe Supports

  • Pipe Clamps

  • Pipe Shoes

  • Cantilever and Dummy Leg Supports

  • Cable Tray Supports

Misc Components

  • Sump/Catch Basins

  • Module Structures

  • Skid Bases

  • Concrete Embeds

  • Lifting Eyes

  • Base/Sliding Plates
Evers & Sons Fabrication Manufactured Products
Evers & Sons Manufactured Products