Modules & Equipment

Utilizing modular process solutions can expedite the deployment of systems for field operators and owners, leading to faster implementation, space optimization, and reduced ownership costs. Our comprehensive approach combines the expertise of our piping fabrication and structural steel disciplines to construct, assemble, and test process modular equipment of various sizes and designs.

By leveraging shop-built modular systems, the need for field fabrication and assembly is minimized or eliminated, resulting in accelerated system commissioning. These modular units, manufactured under controlled conditions, not only save space but also reduce construction time during upgrades in platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants.

Measurement Equipment

  • Lact Units

  • Meter Runs

Pipeline Equipment

  • Pipeline Block Valve Assemblies

  • Pipeline Launcher & Receivers

  • Skid mounted Separators

  • Blow down stacks

  • Portable flares

Process Equipment

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

  • Amine Plant Skids

  • Dehydration skids

  • BTEX Units

  • Vapor Recovery Units

  • Piping Manifolds

  • Pump Skids

  • Sand Trap vessel skids

  • Filter separators

  • Condensate Knockout skids

  • Flares

  • Coalescing filter skids

  • Condensate strainer skids


  • Actuated Valve and Bypass modules

  • Facility Inlet Pipe Modules

  • Compressor Station Pipe Modules

  • Central transfer facility Pipe modules

  • Central Tank battery pipe modules

  • SWD pipe modules (Stainless, Internally coated carbon, Polyethylene)