Manufactured Products

At Evers & Sons, we have encountered recurring items throughout our years of experience in various projects. Recognizing the significance of these small but crucial elements, we have launched a dedicated line of products to address them.

We understand that even seemingly minor components can have a significant impact on project timelines and budgets. By offering these essential products, we aim to assist you in managing these details effectively, allowing you to concentrate on successfully completing your project within the set timelines and budget constraints.

Let us take care of the small things, enabling you to focus on the larger aspects and ensuring a smoother project execution from start to finish.


  • Bolt on pipe shoes-Carbon/Stainless for insulated and non-insulated pipe

  • Weld on Pipe shoes- Carbon/Stainless for insulated and non-insulated pipe

  • Pipe guides-Carbon/Stainless

  • Pipe Stops-Carbon/Stainless

  • Dummy Legs

  • Embed Plates

  • Concrete Shims-Grout

  • Equipment hold down Clips

  • Dummy Legs

  • T-Supports for Pipe and cable tray

  • Pipe hold down clamps

  • Adjustable Pipe Supports

  • Chock supports

  • Vessel Bases

  • Vessel Saddles

  • Base Plates

  • Structural Gussets

  • Structural Stiffeners

  • Bared Tee’s

  • Walk overs, crossovers, valve access platforms, etc.
Evers & Sons Manufactured Products
Evers & Sons Fabrication Manufactured Products